Santa Barbara Tours


You Are Cordially Invited to Take Our "Tour De Santa Barbara"

This is an opportunity to discover your Santa Barbara. Witness firsthand our community, history, spectacular views, and exclusive neighborhoods. Envision your life in paradise on the central coast.

SJA's city tour is an excellent, educational way to see and understand all that Santa Barbara has to offer. Enjoy creating a vision for your Santa Barbara life, with John and Alyssa's expertise and guidance, as you visit locations that interest you and fulfill your particular needs. With several hours of uninterrupted time, every tour is individually curated with your unique goals in mind - allowing you to ask questions, express your preferences, and get a feel for what it is like to be immersed in the community. The time together will provide us the opportunity to get acquainted, while allowing us to share important, insightful information about our local real estate market, neighborhoods, history, and insider tips for living and enjoying the Santa Barbara lifestyle.

John brings his vast local knowledge and nearly four decades of market experience, and Alyssa brings a passion fueled by four generations of local family history. Together they believe each client is unique, and their brand of personal service is an invaluable resource for every buyer.

Whether relocating, searching for the best schools for your children, peace and tranquility in your retirement years, income potential, or real estate development, Sener Jones Associates can help you find your perfect property.

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Sener Jones Associates take great pride in their unique brand of expert knowledge and hands-on service. Let them guide you through your home-buying journey, contact them today!